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Haunted doctors house

Located in the outskirts of a country village in Tochigi Prefecture sits this two story doctors clinic. The old dilapidated wooden building has all the characteristics of a hollywood silver screen haunted house... fully complete with dead trees on either side. The interior is cold and creepy.

The clinic is situated along a very narrow side road with a neighbouring house sitting next to it. At first I couldn’t find a way inside and then spotted a small hole in the back door and crawled through, ending up a tiny dark kitchen full of junk. I spotted a few egg shells sitting in a plate on a sink which looked kind of fresh. This made me think that perhaps this place wasn’t quite so abandoned?

I noted that one side of the house was full of light while the other side sat in complete darkness. I took out my floodlight and switched it on and headed towards the darker side. I entered an almost pitch black room and shone my light to take a better look...I was obviously standing in what used to be the doctors lounge room. Filled with trinkets and knick knacks, this beautiful little traditional wooden space had heaps of character. I took a few snaps and then ventured further into the darkness into another room behind me. I shone my light around and found myself in some kind of Washitsu room. Pictures of the doctor hung from the walls along with what appeared to be Japanese college graduation certificates.

Moving out of the darkness towards the lighter part of the house. I spotted a few really old bottles of Sake and some dusty books which looked as if they hadn’t been opened for years. I entered another room and found a really creepy framed photo of a bunch of surgeons performing some kind of cranial surgery, then found a cute camera like contraption sticking out of the wall. I found a small room which appeared to be a tiny pharmacy, with small bottles of medicines and pills still sitting on the shelves.

I spent a little time sifting through a few photo albums and some medical books, and then heard some voices outside the downstairs window and snuck out the back and left.

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