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Abandoned Japanese love hotel

Love hotels are dotted all over Japan. They operate as short stay establishments where couples can fool around in the privacy of an intimate space for a few hours, or maybe an entire night. Most tend to adopt a fun theme to attract prospective punters (such as jungle, medieval, Moroccan or American Colonial etc) and a lot of effort is put into their interior and exterior style. These places are extremely popular all over Japan and get an abundance of business.

Once a popular place for lovers, the Fuu Motel sits boarded up and abandoned on the outskirts of a small country town near Chiba. It’s theme is a mish mash of different styles with each room having it’s own special interior, catering to the various sexual tastes of its former clientele. Inside, tacky concrete Grecian mosaics hang on dilapidated walls and broken lights dangle from its weather beaten ceilings. Bamboo grows through broken windows and foot deep water now covers a majority of its floors. Plastic plants hang from the walls surrounding a mini outdoor traditional Japanese garden and, stretching off this space is a tiny nautical pirate themed love making room, fully equipped with a bed in the shape of a boat. On the other side of the hotel is a heavily decayed middle eastern themed room containing a waterlogged bed surrounded by damp patterned drapes. Rusty Moroccan lanterns still hang from its walls and ceilings. But by far the best room is a medieval themed space containing a bed in the shape of a horse cart. Rich red curtains hang beside full length mirrors and tacky ornaments sit on a dressing table. A tall Knight in Shining armour stands erect in a dark corner, watching silently over the space as time passes by.

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