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The abandoned Japanese Company Office

Located in Nagasaki Prefecture, this drab building looked just like any other boring office complex, but a closer inspection revealed what appeared to be vines growing from inside its inner windows (perhaps interior decorating gone too far? - no, it was abandoned!). So a sneak inside (via a window) revealed an office that had been deserted since (I’m figuring by dates on calendars) the 90’s, albeit with furnishings that appeared to be from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

The two-story complex contained open planned office floors that ran from wall to wall with the exception of a few separate conference rooms and managerial areas. Dusty desks still covered with paper work, pens, staplers and other office items sat beneath dead fluorescent lights stuck to moldy ceilings. Seventies fans were attached to walls next to clocks that had stopped ticking many years ago.

Abandoned for so long, one particular ceiling had completely crumbled away, leaving a floor covered with cracked bits of plaster while, along the walls, files and books still sat on shelves melting away as years of humid dankness had passed by.

But by far the most spectacular visual was an office conference area now covered in lush green vines. Seemingly looking like the space had been infected with some form of green alien fungi, it provided a beautiful example of Mother Nature’s ability to reclaim her environment.

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