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My book is finally out in most bookstores and on Amazon!

Filled with images of Japans beautiful modern ruins, these visual fragments document what is now an erased moment in the process of this fascinating countries urban evolution. All culturally significant, each photograph is a platform where the observer can reflect upon Japans hidden journey from permanence to disposability, composition to decomposition and construction to deconstruction.

With mazes of expressways pushing scores of traffic through action filled, neon lit cities, there is perhaps no better platform than Japan to grasp the full motion and machinery of life. But sitting silently in the shadows waits another realm. Just as intoxicating, enchanting and engaging as its counterpart albeit not as animated or ablaze with flashing lights, hundreds of abandoned abodes lay forgotten and left to decay.

From the snowy mountains of Hokkaido down to the southern tropics of Okinawa, these modern ruins or, ‘haikyo’, provide a paused and romantically silent contrast to a country known for the brightness, sound and movement that swells in so many of its thriving metropolises.

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