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Taking a 'stroll' around the outskirts of Kangbashi, Ordos in the Inner Mongolian region of Northern China.

Referred to as a ghost city by some...or a slowly developing new metropolis by others, spending time here gave my partner and I the opportunity to view some nice half built contruction work on the towns outskirts. We marvelled at some really interesting architecture in this region where China meets Mongolia. These grey structures stand tall and skeletal on the orange horizon.

A majority of the area is filled with sparsely populated urban developments bunched in clusters around the towns perimiter. It was raining and overcast almost the entire time we were there which provided a nice cloudy backdrop to these tall ghostly structures. Interesting looking community areas such as parks and recreational reserves are dotted in and around the municipality.

There is an abundance of information about this place from many online sources, one of them being an informative documentary called 'The Land of Many Palaces'.

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