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Agnus Dei - abandoned convent

This place was awesome. The convent was actually right next to the abandoned chapel (as blogged about earlier). It was kind of like a combination between a convent and a hospital....however whichever way we viewed it, it was beautiful. We were first greeted by a creepy old lounge chair sitting sinister in front of an old television. We ventured further in and climbed a stairway to the upper level. Each room was awesome in its own way.....some rooms had dirty hospital beds and others had more relaxed loungey settings. The decay of this place was beautiful and the dust on the arm chairs and window sills complimented each interior. As we ventured in further in we hit a burnt out area that was incredibally unstable, so we turned back and took a few more snaps of the rooms we'd checked out earlier. A great day and a great find.

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