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Heian Wedding Hall

Just like a reception centre, the Heian Wedding Hall hosted Japanese wedding parties. I'm unsure exactly how long it's been abandoned, but I’m assuming about 15 years. I'd heard from some Japanese mates that a recent fire had gutted this place from top to bottom, but I was still curious to check it out. So after driving along some country roads (a couple of hours north of Tokyo), I reached a small farming town and spotted the wedding hall sort of plonked by the road side. I parked my car on a grassy area near the back entrance and climbed over a pile of loose red bricks and entered. This once indoor area was now completely exposed to the elements (as a result of the fire), so I walked through a bunch of charred tables, chairs and other bits and pieces until I found the back door to the main building.

It was many and smelled dank inside. Foot deep, mosquito infested water covered every inch of the floor and disused fridges and ovens were scattered everywhere (a private dumping ground for peoples used white goods) - it was basically now an indoor swamp. The main hallway was littered with seat cushions and the walls were covered with graffiti. I took a few snaps, then entered a banquet hall and found a plastic wedding cake and then checked a few things out in some of the back rooms (just toilets and a kitchen), and moved on to the second banquet hall. Another lop sided wedding cake sat sort of lonely on the floor so I took a few snaps and then wandered off into another hallway and found a bridal glory box tucked away in a corner which was empty.

This was a nice place and I hung out for a while, then heard a car pull up outside so decided to leave via the back exit

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