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St Josephs Convent, NSW

St Joseph’s Convent housed both nuns and girls with a focus on religious instruction mixed with elements of cross-educational curriculum. Located in the picturesque Mittagong township, the facility’s long history is often compromised by ongoing threats of demolition. Still sitting oddly and hauntingly derelict between houses filled with the warmth of families, the local community often rally together to fend off hungry property developers.

Abandoned Australian Convent
A crumbling staircase aligns the convents front foyer

The remains of the convent still crumble to this day, although recently an initiative was greenlighted for a proposed development for the building to be transformed into affordable housing, thus injecting life back into the dilapidated structure.

Abandoned Australian Convent
An eroded roof towards the rear of the convent.

Abandoned Australian Convent
The convents rear courtyard

Abandoned Australian Convent
The grim front facing facade of the convent


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