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Discarded Dinosaur Theme Park

Jurassic Stark – this seemingly forgotten Dinosaur park sits atop a mountain beside a ski field on Hokkaido. While the space is covered in weeds and overgrowth in the summer months, the harsh northern winters dump lashings of snow over its large fibreglass fossils.

Somewhat derelict, the area is tucked away behind a busy slope filled with skiers and snowboarders making the most of the regions perfect Japanese winter conditions.

Wade knee, and sometimes waist deep through this snow-filled reptilian realm and you’ll find the fiercely gigantic T-Rex looming beside a smaller Triceratops along with a gaggle of Spinosaurus's. At the parks entrance, a kids play structure sits squeezed between two large Diplodocus’s.

Stumbling across the park can be a startling and peculiar surprise for skiers who wander too far off the areas cross-country track.


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