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Kappa Onsen Hotel

The Kappa Onsen Hotel in Nikko (a beautiful Japanese mountain area) stands on the edge of a cliff overlooking a gushing river. I'm unsure how long this place has been abandoned...but judging by the old telephones and furnishings, I'm assuming early 90's. The building is kind of eerie and looks dead when viewed from the foot bridge which links one side of Nikko to the other.

The hotel was difficult to find from the front and I had to walk back and forth down a winding road for about 40 minutes to search for it. I kept walking past this big nine story building with boarded up windows and doors and realised that this must be the right place.

I entered by climmbing up a fire escape and climbing in through the top floor window. I found myself inside a decayed Washitsu room (completely waterlogged with holes in the floor and smelling like death) and took a few snaps and then checked out a few of the other rooms.

I found one with a noose hanging from a wooden beam (I didn’t take any photos of it and just closed the door).

I made my way down to the ground floor and found a nice derelict lounging area with two chairs facing a window. Newspapers were tied up in bundles on the floor and tables (this looked really nice).

I walked towards another area then heard a cracking sound in the floor and realised just how unstable this place actually was. I pushed on with my exploration anyway. At the end I just exited by jumping out of a laundry window.

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