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Cooling tower 2 - Belgium

Another cooling tower!!. It was pissing down with rain and freezing on the day we went here. We got a train to the town in which this awesome place was located. We walked for about 45 minutes from the station to our destination and, after checking that the coast was clear, climbed a metal ladder and snuck inside. The interior was beautiful!!..... and it was awesome to be inside another cooling tower. This one was interesting because of the little house/shed thing plonked in the middle (it was a weird contrast). The moss covered wooden platforms were completely rotted and the severe drop to the bottom would've killed us, so we decided to stay on the narrow circular walkway and not venture out. This place is usually difficult to get into because it's always locked.....I guess we were lucky on this day because someone had cut the padlocks. After shooting as many photos as our memory cards could handle, we left feeling satisfied. Another accomplishment. Good times :)

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