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Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel was a nice little find. Located in a picturesque village by a river in Belgium, we accessed this place by walking down a lane way and sneaking in from the back. After climbing a very unstable and crumbling brick wall, our first entry point was the back of a manky kitchen. This haunt was basically falling apart and we had to hold onto the wooden railing on the stairs in case it crumbled beneath us. The grand atrium was spectacular with a glass roof streaming light into the decayed interior. The hallways and rooms on the upper floors were covered in green moss and the mouldy floor boards creaked beneath our feet....each step was a bit of a stress because it felt like we were walking on wet cardboard. As adventurous as we are, my mate and I decided not to enter into some of the more decayed rooms because it would've been certain death. We snapped heaps of pictures and then some weird bloke turned up and loitered around in the basement....we dont know if he actually saw us, but we made a quick exit and pissed off back to Brussels.

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