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Selected Press

"Abandoned luxury hotels that you can't afford to miss" , CNN, March 2017 

"Australia's No 1 Urbex Photographer on 20 Years of Abandoned Spaces" , VICE, January 2021

"Creepy Photos of Japans Abandoned Love Hotels" , VICE, November 2019

"From WA's Big Bell to Chernobyl, a Melbourne man is documenting abandoned buildings", Sydney Morning Herald, August 2019

"Photographer Shane Thoms uncovers deserted locations around the world", Channel 7, September 2019

"Abandoned Australia" , Capture Magazine, March 2020

"Step Into Japan's 'Western Village,' The Oddest Abandoned Theme Park Ever" , Huffington Post , August 2014

"Eerie footage shows Japan's abandoned island of Hashima" , The Daily Mail, November 2017

"Photos of abandoned Japanese ruins reveal an eerie, post-apocalyptic world" ' The Business Insider, November 2017

"From abandoned strip clubs to crumbling love hotels: Fascinating photographs capture the darkly enchanting side to modern Japan" , The Daily Mail, November 2017


"The Good, the Bad and the Derelict" , The Daily Mail , July 2014

"Japan’s Abandoned Hotels Are Being Reclaimed by Nature" , Atlas Obscura, September 2017

"Photographer captures eerie snaps of Japan's abandoned places" , The Mirror, July 2017 

"Amazing photographs of Japan's abandoned spaces" , Channel 9 Australia, July 2017

"Risking life and limb to snap abandoned places" , The Smith Journal, October 2017

"Hungover at the Abandoned Strip Club in a Tiny Japanese Village" , Messy Nessy Chic, October 2014

"Lontano dalle luci al neon, il Giappone dimenticato" ,  La Repubblica, November 2015

"Creepy Photos of Bowling Alleys Left to the Elements", The Weather Channel, April 2016

"Inside the Desolate Ruins of Japan" , Architectural Digest, July 2017

"Step Inside Japan's Abandoned 'American Cowboy' Theme Park" , The Business Insider, July 2014

"Un fotografo si è intrufolato su un’isola del Giappone abbandonata da 40 anni" , Daily Best, November 2015

"Haunting images of modern decay in Japan" ,Stuff.NZ, November 2017

"The Miserable Mansions of Montserrat" , Messy Nessy Chic, March 2016

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