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Abandoned Tochigi Sex Museum


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Located in the mountains of Tochigi, this recently abandoned sex museum closed its doors forever in late 2014.   Entry was a little tricky, but myself and two mates eventually got in by squeezing through a boiler room door.


After crawling through some pipes, we ended up in a foyer surrounded by mannequins wearing lingerie and bondage and a few glass cabinets which contained vibrators and sex aids.  Passing the ticket booth, we climbed a staircase and ascended into the darkness.   Using our torches,  we walked down a hall, finding ourselves surrounded by giant fibreglass penis's protruding out of the walls.  Eventually, we ended up in a maze like area full of interesting displays where mannequins in different sexual positions educated  us on the history  of sex in Japan.  It was all very educational.  


This place was stifling (because of the hot weather outside mixed with no air conditioning) and smelt like hospital cleaning products.


Unfortunately this sex museum still looks kind of new (apart from a few traces of people tampering with the mannequins... a few were also stolen recently).  I guess in a few more years it will ripen and decay and nature will take over and it'll look amazing.

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