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shane thoms


Prypiat 2011 : 25 Years

A flawed reactor combined with inadequately trained personnel led to Chernobyl’s catastrophic nuclear meltdown on 26 April 1986. 


Within days, the neighbouring town of Prypiat, a municipality built to house the thousands of nuclear plant workers and families, was evacuated and declared a permanenent zone of exclusion.  


Completely unliveable for the next three hundred years, Prypiat sits in silence as nature swallows up the disintegrating remnants of a once industrious Soviet era township.

Undertaken in 2011, this project involved two visits to the Chernobyl exclusion zone.  Each shot was taken in landscape to fictionalise the space, providing a stage like platform that visually captured the emotional traces left behind from the Ukrainian Soviet era.

*Works exhibited December 2012 - February 2013, Melbourne, Australia

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