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Okutama Ropeway


A well known Haikyo spot, the Okutama Ropeway once linked both sides of an artificial lake, allowing punters in more active times times to travel from one side to the other.  But since its closure in the late 60's, its two stations have sat derelict on facing hillsides covered in vines and shrubbery.  Inside these dilapidated buildings, the disused pastel colored cable cars sit silent, full of dead leaves and pine needles.  The station which sits closer to the tiny tourist village is harder to access, with its road being blocked off to prevent and dissuade the abundance of Tokyo urbex kids who travel here to photograph these infamous cars (which infuriates the locals who live here).  The station on the other side of the lake is much easier to enter with the only obstacle being a steep set of man made dirt steps.  


If you drive here, I strongly reccomend that you head back to Tokyo by driving 'back' around the lake (which will most likely be the way you came).  If you continue on through the high mountains you'll get stuck on an extremely narrow and curvey road that only fits one car (and theres no turning back) - its a hair raiser.

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