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Nagasaki Island Hospital


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My mate and I spent a day exploring one of the many islands off the coast of Nagasaki.   We'd been walking around taking photos all morning and studying a map.  We noted that there was a hospital close by and, as most of the buildings were completely deserted (only about 50 people lived here), we decided to go and check it out. 


So we did a complete circle around the outside of the building looking for an entry point and eventually found an open window and jumped through.


Inside we found a dental surgery, operating theatre, hospital wards, X Ray rooms, morgue and maternity wing.  All were untouched and most things were still in their original places.  Most of the calenders were from we assumed it had been abandoned since then.  The interior was a little dark making it difficult to shoot in some areas, particularly in the operating theatres.  Some plants had started growing through the windows which had an awesome aesthetic.




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