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Maya Kanko Hotel


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Built in 1929, the Maya Hotel in Kobe hides behind overgrown trees and vines at the top of Mount Maya.  Its western style Art Deco hotel was used as a defence point in World War II and stocked with weapons in the 1940's to counteract U.S. invasions.  The hotel was severely damaged in 1995 after an earthquake struck the area, leaving the building in a state of disrepair.  The owner decided to close the business permanently, leaving the building to rot and decay at the top of the mountain.   

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Traces of its glamorous past can still be found inside the crumbling structure which have been deserted now for more than two decades.   A few chairs, couches and some bits and pieces still remain in its dusty former guest rooms.  The hotel was also a famed spot for its onsen and sento bathing rooms where patrons would cleanse, revive and rejuvenate in a forest setting.


The Hotel is difficult to access however there is a moderately secret (and very steep) trail with ropes to assist with the more difficult sections.  Finding the beginning of the trail is tough, but once you're on the right path it takes about an hour.   

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