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Kejonuma leisure Land

I’d was driving from Fukushima to Morioka and decided to take a side step to check out this cute abandoned amusement park.  Tucked away in a little corner of the country side, Kejonuma Leisure Land opened its doors in 1979 and closed down in 2000 (I am unsure why).  It now sits derelict, decayed and weather beaten amongst overgrown shrubs and foliage.


I parked my car at the front entrance and walked through the grand and rusted rainbow coloured archway.  I walked up a hill, jumped a fence and got my first glimpse.  A dilapidated ticket office with a faded fibreglass cat greeted me and I took a few snaps and ventured further along an overgrown pathway.  The foliage and shrubbery got thicker and thicker as I walked and I could hear wild animals rustling around in the bushes only meters away from me (most likely wild pigs or water birds or something).  Then I spotted the ferris wheel. Although extremely weather beaten and rusted, it still stood proud and beautiful in the middle of the park.  Its little circular carriages had a kind of 60’s look to them and they were painted in different pastel colours (now faded from the sun). Sitting right next to this and almost hidden amongst overgrown weeds stood a melancholic old carousel with smiling fibreglass horses and elephants - amazingly beautiful.  


In another part of the park there was a white Japanese looking building (I assumed that this was some kind of restaurant) and hidden amongst the trees were fibreglass characters and even a miniature plane.  A cute little place.


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