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Hiroshima Mountain Resort

Located at the top of a mountain, this huge resort overlooks a small town about an hours drive from Hiroshima.  Abandoned for many years, this massive beast of a building contains an abundance of heavily decayed kitsch 70's interiors.   This was a difficult place to access as its road is now closed off, so I had to enter by walking a steep trail through a pine forest.   It was the beginning of winter when I visited and snow had started to fall while I was all very beautiful and Japanese.


Its guest rooms were a little too dark to photograph however, the foyer and more public spaces were well lit.   Due to the fact that it has been abandoned for so long, not much furniture remains and debris is scattered across most of the complex.  Years of harsh mountain weather had caused the reception ceiling to completely cave in, so caution had to be taken while exploring.   A defininte highlight was its onsen bathing areas splashed with 70's tiling and color.    The bottom level was completely waterlogged and contained a number of traditional Japanese guest rooms filled with rotted tatami mats and shoji screens.


At the time I explored this place, the first stages of demolishment had taken place ( noted by workmens clothes and tools being spotted in some of the public areas)  I tried to find some current information about the status of this amazing hotel however, wasn't successful.  Im sure it has since been torn would be amazing to see this place restored to its original form.


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