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Fukushima Onsen


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Long abandoned and falling apart, this onsen hotel once catered to the winter crowd (perhaps a decline in tourism caused its closure most likely in the early 80's...) It was covered from top to bottom with graffiti.


The guest rooms inside this eight story structure were completely barron with not one piece of furniture remaining.   It lacked color and everything looked kind of lifeless and dead.  I found some beauty in the leaves and vines which grew through its broken windows (giving the only feeling of life to the buillding).  The faded pastel tiles in the onsen rooms also added a warmer touch.   The decayed guest rooms were interesting to check out because of the violently scribbled graffiti which covered the walls.    This place was structurally unstable so I only checked out the first four floors and refrained from venturing further.


Was a nice little find and I'm surprised it's still standing after years of Japanese earthquakes and weather beatings.  I'd say there wouldn't be much point demolishing it due to its remote location, so it'll probably sit and rot for many more years to come.




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