An abandoned coal mine filled with bits and pieces.  Heaps of tools and even motorbikes and scooters still lying around covered in dust.

This crumbling hospital was located on one of the surrounding islands off the coast of Hiroshima.  Built seemingly 100 years ago and covered in vines and shrubs, it was a beautiful site.  Not much was inside apart from rubbish and used white goods from the neighbouring houses.

Made completely of wood, this old decaying secondary college was hidden far away in what seemed to be a small forgotten village in a valley.   The main school building was long and narrow and access proved to be a little difficult, but we found an entry point at the back.  The hallway on the first floor was heavily rotted and we had to step around the skirting boards or risk falling straight through.  Some classrooms were sparse however a few on the second floor still had...

As much a Japanese cultural icon as sushi, onsens and anime, pachinko and slot parlours can be found in every city and almost every town.  Because of their brightly lit, loud and (seemingly) fun ambience, they can often be mistaken by foreigners as a type of amusement centre.  But pachinko parlours have a darker side and are a known haven for gambling addicts.  Many of these parlours also have a bad reputation for harbouring the criminal activities of Japanese crime syndi...

August 31, 2015

Gunkanjima sits about 15 kilometers south of Nagasaki city.  Initially opened in 1887, this small island operated as a coalmine base which also housed its many miners and families.  Mitsubishi (its last owner) closed the facility permanently in 1974 along with a number of other coal mining plants across Japan.

For forty years, this concrete island and its many buildings have been left to decay…and in place of what was once a thriving island mining town is now an encha...

A crumbled and dilapidated biofactory I visited on a sunny spring day in Hokkaido.   Many beautiful rooms filled with green moss and other bits and pieces.

Opened in 1992, this Hokkaido Chinese themed park mirrored, on a much smaller scale, the imperial grounds found in the palaces of pre communist imperial China.  The now crumbling property includes a moon gate, pavilion of flowers and a lotus pond along with a number of quaint traditional Chinese buildings in a state of dilapidation.  A multiple story, imitation Tower of Heaven overlooks the now dishevelled grounds, now visited and explored only by urban explorers and phot...

Located in Tochigi Prefecture, this old lime stone mine rots away on a hillside.  A row of yellow silos aligns its front ​while up the back, vines and trees have engulfed its machinery.  There isnt a great deal to see however, its picturesque location and mountain views makes it all worth while.

Located at the top of a mountain, this huge resort overlooks a small town about an hours drive from Hiroshima.  Abandoned for many years, this massive beast of a building contains an abundance of heavily decayed kitsch 70's interiors.   This was a difficult place to access as its road is now closed off, so I had to enter by walking a steep trail through a pine forest.   It was the beginning of winter when I visited and snow had started to fall while I was all...

Abandoned since 2000 and something??....not sure about exact times, but it was a nice find.  Everything still in its place.  Nice operating theatre and dental ward.  Nagasaki Prefecture.

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Abandoned Nagasaki Dentist

May 27, 2017

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