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Filled with images of Japans beautiful modern ruins, these visual fragments document what is now an erased moment in the process of this fascinating countries urban evolution.  All culturally significant, each photograph is a platform where the observer can reflect upon Japans hidden journey from permanence to disposability, composition to decomposition and construction to deconstruction....

August 31, 2015

Gunkanjima sits about 15 kilometers south of Nagasaki city.  Initially opened in 1887, this small island operated as a coalmine base which also housed its many miners and families.  Mitsubishi (its last owner) closed the facility permanently in 1974 along with a number of other coal mining plants across Japan.

For forty years, this concrete island and its many buildings have been left to decay…and in place of what was once a thriving island mining town is now an encha...

Abandoned since 2000 and something??....not sure about exact times, but it was a nice find.  Everything still in its place.  Nice operating theatre and dental ward.  Nagasaki Prefecture.

Initially built to house the workers of a neighbouring mine, this forgotten mountain village became abandoned after the desertion of its employees.  Now derelict, decayed and forgotten at the end of a winding mountain road, some vestiges of its former glory can be found scattered in and around its buildings. Still containing medicine bottles, surgical tools, X rays, books and dental equipment, the severely waterlogged and rotting wooden hospital hides behind a jungle of t...

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Abandoned Nagasaki Dentist

May 27, 2017

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