Tucked away beside a winding mountain road is this quaint little traditional mountain house.  On the way here I saw a family of monkeys walking single file beside a river.  The actual house itself is crumbling and heavy snow fall had caused its roof to collapse.  There were some beautiful old antique televisions in what was once the families tatami room.  I found what I believed to be a huge mound of monkey poo in the corner of one of the rooms, so I left quickly because...

A hike to a tiny abandoned Japanese mountain village called Irorijyuku. It was discarded after an earthquake in 2013 with its buildings deemed as unliveable, so nobody returned. Its unaccessible due to blocked off roads and heavy snow fall so we hiked up the mountain with snow shoes to check it out. The buiildings are almost buried completely in snow.

This crumbling hospital was located on one of the surrounding islands off the coast of Hiroshima.  Built seemingly 100 years ago and covered in vines and shrubs, it was a beautiful site.  Not much was inside apart from rubbish and used white goods from the neighbouring houses.

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Abandoned Nagasaki Dentist

May 27, 2017

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