This was an abandoned forest onsen hotel in the mountains of Ibaraki.  If you've ever seen the James Bond film 'You Only Live Twice', then you'll get what I mean when I say it was just like stepping onto the film set.  Very retro with many lovely chairs and shoji screens scattered around. 

A crumbled and dilapidated biofactory I visited on a sunny spring day in Hokkaido.   Many beautiful rooms filled with green moss and other bits and pieces.

Just outside of Tokyo sits this long abandoned military base covered in kudzu vine.  Climbed through a hole in a fence.

Opened in 1992, this Hokkaido Chinese themed park mirrored, on a much smaller scale, the imperial grounds found in the palaces of pre communist imperial China.  The now crumbling property includes a moon gate, pavilion of flowers and a lotus pond along with a number of quaint traditional Chinese buildings in a state of dilapidation.  A multiple story, imitation Tower of Heaven overlooks the now dishevelled grounds, now visited and explored only by urban explorers and phot...

Located in Tochigi Prefecture, this old lime stone mine rots away on a hillside.  A row of yellow silos aligns its front ​while up the back, vines and trees have engulfed its machinery.  There isnt a great deal to see however, its picturesque location and mountain views makes it all worth while.

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Abandoned Nagasaki Dentist

May 27, 2017

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