Located in Orangeburg,  New York, this huge psychiatric facility offers in-patient treatment for adults and children.   It’s 600 acre grounds include a still active 400 bed facility (an approximate figure) along with a number of closed and now abandoned buildings in various stages of decay.

Originally established in 1927, Rockland State Hospital provided approximately 5760 beds, a figure which by 1959, had soared to 9000.   However cost cuts, asbestos issues, a drop i...

This blowing alley was located in a suburban area outside of Osaka.  It got demolished a few months after I visited.  

The first floor was an amusement centre with trashed games scattered around the place. A disused, dusty escalator went up to the second floor where I found the bowling area.  Someone had stacked a few TV sets in one of the lanes.   Behind the counter were a cash register and hundreds of pairs of bowling shoes all over the floor....

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Abandoned Nagasaki Dentist

May 27, 2017

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