Located at the top of a mountain, this huge resort overlooks a small town about an hours drive from Hiroshima.  Abandoned for many years, this massive beast of a building contains an abundance of heavily decayed kitsch 70's interiors.   This was a difficult place to access as its road is now closed off, so I had to enter by walking a steep trail through a pine forest.   It was the beginning of winter when I visited and snow had started to fall while I walked...it was all...

Abandoned since 2000 and something??....not sure about exact times, but it was a nice find.  Everything still in its place.  Nice operating theatre and dental ward.  Nagasaki Prefecture.


Bowling alley in a suburban town in Nagasaki Prefercture.   It was sitting all dilapdated on the side of a main road. 





An awesome find....located in Nagasaki Prefecture.  On the day I visited, this place was getting demolished. Just a pile of rubble now.  Pity.

The Japanese love their golf...however this long abandoned club went out of business many years ago.  It now crumbles away on the outskirts of a suburb in Nagasaki Prefecture.  A highlight was the golf buggy grave yard we found out the back of the complex.  

This abandoned temple is located in the mountains of Tochigi Prefecture.  Not a great deal is known about it (by me anyway), however I do know that it was run by a corrupt pries/cult.   Scattered all over the floor are small 'Ihai' tablets.  These small ceremonial placards hold the souls of the deceased.   People paid money to the temple and, in return, the priest was supposed to pray each day to the souls of these many loved ones.  The priest was found to be a swindler a...


Located in the outskirts of a country village in Tochigi Prefecture sits this two story doctors clinic.  The old dilapidated wooden building has all the characteristics of a hollywood silver screen haunted house... fully complete with dead trees on either side.  The interior is cold and creepy.


The clinic is situated along a very narrow side road with a neighbouring house sitting next to it.  At first I couldn’t find a way inside and then spotted a small hole i...

January 1, 2015


Hidden behind trees and shrubs, this cute and creepy little medical clinic sits on a quiet roadside in a rural area of Tochigi Prefecture.  Research tells me that it opened prior to World War 2 (or possibly prior to World War 1?)... but the date of its closure remains unknown.  Judging by the style and typefaces on the labels of the medicine bottles found within, I’m going to perhaps assume that it closed its doors sometime in the 40’s or 50's?


The clinic sits about...

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Abandoned Nagasaki Dentist

May 27, 2017

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