May 8, 2014

I'd been in Osaka for a little while and thought I 'd take a drive to check out this abandoned hotel (located near the Shikoku area).  Beautiful spot...1970's

Abandoned for years and years, this seaside Onsen Resort went out of business as the result of a close by hot spring drying out.

Thrown into liquidation due to dwindling tourist numbers, this gargantuan beachside resort looms over the oceans edge like a gargoyle.  Deserted during the mid-2000s, the hotel’s opulent interior includes restaurants, bars, function centres, bathhouses and many guest rooms - all left to decay behind closed doors since its employees departed.

Containing a combination of Western style and traditional Japanese guest rooms, the hotel’s overwhelming exterior seems far too large...

May 1, 2014



Love hotels are dotted all over Japan. They operate as short stay establishments where couples can fool around in the privacy of an intimate space for a few hours, or maybe an entire night. Most tend to adopt a fun theme to attract prospective punters (such as jungle, medieval, Moroccan or American Colonial etc) and a lot of effort is put into their interior and exterior style. These places are extremely popular all over Japan and get an abundance of business.


Once a po...

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May 27, 2017

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