Located in the mid-South Australian desert, this sand- filled ghost town was built on the ambitious promise of wheat and barley production. But the regions harsh desert climate resulted in poor agricultural conditions, deeming much of the land unworkable. Also utilised as a trucking yard for livestock that travelled down the Birsdville track, the area once had a bustling population of approximately 600 residents.

Containing two hotels, two breweries and a bakery, the only...

Once a bustling mining hub filled with activity, the now deserted township of Big Bell bakes in the arid West Australian desert. Established in the mid 1930’s, the area catered to miners and families who congregated on the gold and mineral rich area. With a population peaking at 850 in 1954, the now deserted space is an abandoned patch where only a few traces of its once urbanised landscape remain. 

Revealing the villages original layout, rows of gridded dirt tracks r...

This cinema has been abandoned for 40 years with the exception of a few one off viewings including Mission Impossible 2 in the early 2000's...

The dust covered projector room still includes all of its original equipment including film reels, Raycophone projector, cassettes and audio equipment.  

A coal fired power station that operated between 1956 and 1986.   Once considered the largest in the state, the plant supplied electricity to New South Wales.

Positioned on Lake Macquarie at Wangi Wangi, the power station was officially opened on 7 November 1958 after ten years of construction.  Approximately one thousand people lived in the area during this period.

Although the plant was abandoned in 1986 the main building still stands as of M...

This old farm house was located far west of Melbourne in the middle of a tiny community.  Its previous occupants obviously had a lot to do with horses because the rooms were filled with horse photos and race horse memorabilia.  A bit of sadness hung over the place because almost everything from their lives had been totally left behind....

A dilapidated rural house in Country Victoria, Australia.  Its interior being somewhat surreal and dreamlike while outside, furniture and rubbish lay strewn across shrubs and dead grass.

Located at the end of a long tree lined drive way, this abandoned country mansion has been left to ruin in rural south eastern Australia.  This place looked a little like something out of a Tim Burton film set.  Unsure as to the history of this derelict haunt, but it looks lovely under storm clouds.  There are a few burnt out, rusted vintage cars and bits and pieces scattered around its grounds.  

An abandoned hospital in rural south eastern Australia.  A great place to film a horror flick and full of atmosphere.

Located in Orangeburg,  New York, this huge psychiatric facility offers in-patient treatment for adults and children.   It’s 600 acre grounds include a still active 400 bed facility (an approximate figure) along with a number of closed and now abandoned buildings in various stages of decay.

Originally established in 1927, Rockland State Hospital provided approximately 5760 beds, a figure which by 1959, had soared to 9000.   However cost cuts, asbestos issues, a drop i...

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