Located in Nagasaki Prefecture, this small dentist clinic was left to decay somewhere between the late 90's to early 2000's.  Behind its weed covered windows you can find dental chairs, spit bowls, surgeons tools and vials of expired medicines still siting in their original positions.  The surgery closed its doors due to dwindling population numbers in the area, deeming the business as no longer viable.  Why everything was left behind and not sold was completely baffling...

Located in Nagasaki Prefecture, this drab building looked just like any other boring office complex, but a closer inspection revealed what appeared to be vines growing from inside its inner windows (perhaps interior decorating gone too far? - no, it was abandoned!).   So a sneak inside (via a window) revealed an office that had been deserted since (I’m figuring by dates on calendars) the 90’s, albeit with furnishings that appeared to be from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s....

An abandoned coal mine filled with bits and pieces.  Heaps of tools and even motorbikes and scooters still lying around covered in dust.

Tucked away beside a winding mountain road is this quaint little traditional mountain house.  On the way here I saw a family of monkeys walking single file beside a river.  The actual house itself is crumbling and heavy snow fall had caused its roof to collapse.  There were some beautiful old antique televisions in what was once the families tatami room.  I found what I believed to be a huge mound of monkey poo in the corner of one of the rooms, so I left quickly because...

A hike to a tiny abandoned Japanese mountain village called Irorijyuku. It was discarded after an earthquake in 2013 with its buildings deemed as unliveable, so nobody returned. Its unaccessible due to blocked off roads and heavy snow fall so we hiked up the mountain with snow shoes to check it out. The buiildings are almost buried completely in snow.

This crumbling hospital was located on one of the surrounding islands off the coast of Hiroshima.  Built seemingly 100 years ago and covered in vines and shrubs, it was a beautiful site.  Not much was inside apart from rubbish and used white goods from the neighbouring houses.

Made completely of wood, this old decaying secondary college was hidden far away in what seemed to be a small forgotten village in a valley.   The main school building was long and narrow and access proved to be a little difficult, but we found an entry point at the back.  The hallway on the first floor was heavily rotted and we had to step around the skirting boards or risk falling straight through.  Some classrooms were sparse however a few on the second floor still had...

As much a Japanese cultural icon as sushi, onsens and anime, pachinko and slot parlours can be found in every city and almost every town.  Because of their brightly lit, loud and (seemingly) fun ambience, they can often be mistaken by foreigners as a type of amusement centre.  But pachinko parlours have a darker side and are a known haven for gambling addicts.  Many of these parlours also have a bad reputation for harbouring the criminal activities of Japanese crime syndi...

Located in Nara prefecture, this tiny little mountain schoool would be impossible to find if you didnt already know of its existence. 

Situated in the middle of the mountains at the end of a tiny winding road, this wooden two story school closed down many years ago, leaving behind a number if interesting bits and pieces in its classrooms and hallways.

In the science room we found animal organs floating in formaldehyde, dusty books still sitting on shelves in the librar...

This was an abandoned forest onsen hotel in the mountains of Ibaraki.  If you've ever seen the James Bond film 'You Only Live Twice', then you'll get what I mean when I say it was just like stepping onto the film set.  Very retro with many lovely chairs and shoji screens scattered around. 

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Abandoned Nagasaki Dentist

May 27, 2017

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