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Abandoned South Australia

The ruins of South Australia are barren, isolated time capsules. Starkly contrasting the states bustling city centre, we inhale these ghostly narratives upon the opening of each creaking door.


We wander through the streams of dust that break the calmly steady encompassment they’ve held with faded plaster, joinery, intricate tiling and pressed tin ceilings. We explore each abodes past, present and future and engage in necessary discussions about land and space that should always be present in our throats. We see, in the grimy windows and arid farmyards, echoes of our own permanence and underlying awareness of impending discontinuity.  


It is also here that we’re granted the ability to fictionalise the stories of those who came to live and dwell. Abandoned South Australia points to the clues of these post-colonial buildings, revealing a cultural patchwork of small, yet meaningful vignettes.


A diverse, unique and often unexplored region of the ‘Great Land Down Under’, the visual stories presented here are mere footnotes of South Australia’s long and complex history.

Available in bookstores and online.


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