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Marine Resort


Abandoned for years and years, this seaside onsen resort went out of business as the result of a close by hot spring drying out....I'm unsure exactly how long it's been abandoned, but I came to the conclusion that it went bust maybe during the mid 90's? (based on the televison sets, room furnishings and, obviously, the calendars on the walls...).  The island itself is remote and very small, with little (if any) I stuck out like a sore thumb,.  The population is mostly cute elderly people (who I'm guessing have lived here for years) and the culture is much more traditional in comparison to mainland Japan - so I kind of fell in love with it (in years to come, I want to retire here and become an old Japanese man).


A narrow, curvey road leads down to the ocean and, if you look hard enough, you'll spot this place semi hidden behind trees and vines down the end of an overgrown turn off.  I parked my car on the road side and snuck in on a warm Spring day (perfect weather for sneaking around an abandoned seaside resort) and took a walk around the foregrounds (which looked very Hawai Five 0 meets 12 Monkeys) to check things out.  The coast was clear so I entered the main building.  The reception area was trashed, and couch's and chairs were scattered all over the also looked like the locals in the area were using this haunt as some kind of storage place for used white goods.  I moved on up to the second floor and found some awesome little guest rooms that were in a nice state of dissaray.  They had a kind of Japanese early 90's feel to them... and were filled with casette players, old music magazines, vaccuum cleaners, telephones and (surprise surprise), televisions.  I took a few snaps, then wandered on up to the third floor (pretty much the same visual as the second floor), then moved outside to the recreational area towards the back of the main building.  I found the resort's restaurant and bar....but after years of abandonement and severe pacific weather beatings, the building was now crumbling and very unstable, so I had to tread with caution as I ascended a set of cracked concrete steps.  It was worth the risk, because inside sat one of the most beautifully decayed visual's I'd ever laid my eyes on.  A beautiful huge ripped picture of an underwater marine scenario hung dilapidated on a far wall behind a long dining table.  A reception type desk with an old 70's telephone sat to one side, so I took some snaps and then had a look in the kitchen area out back.  Rusty pots and pans hung from hooks and plates and cutlery still sat on shelves.  There were lots of empty Sake bottles scattered over the floor (I'm guessing some good times were had in this place).  Back out in the dining area, another long table stretched from one side to the other, covered in debris which had fallen from the rotted ceiling.  The light streaming through the windows highlighted the decayed interior perfectly.  I moved outside again and ascended down a steep path and did a little bush bashing through some trees and vines and found the once luxurious swimming pool (now a decayed, greeny swamp full of debris).  I checked out a few shacks and exterior guest rooms and wandered off into a shrubby area....and walked into a massive spider web (with about 5 huge spiders dangling in front of me), then realised that these spiders and their webs totally blanketed the place, stretching from tree to tree ....I got really grossed out and kind of fled really quickly (covered in sticky, white web's) and spent the rest of the day obsessively checking my clothes and camera bag to make sure none of the little fellas had hitched a ride home with me.



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