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Abandoned Ibaraki Road house


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I found this lonely derelict two story roadhouse while driving through Ibaraki Prefecture.  It was  plonked on a long stretch of empty road in the middle of nowehere so I slowed down and  peeked through its windows.  I realised it was abandoned after I spotted a number of white ripped lanterns dangling from its ceiling, so parked the car up the road and grabbed my stuff and walked back to check it out.  


A long hallway stemmed from the front desk all the way down to a larger restaurant area at the back.  The drapes which once hung over the entrance of each cubicle now lay scattered all over the floor.  Plastic number placards still sat on dusty wooden tables and small ripped shojis and zabuton's lay scattered and strewn in random places.  I got the feeling that this place most likely went bust due to lack of interest from the public.  It's location was in the middle of nowhere with only sparse farms and rice fields surrounded it. 


Upstairs led me into a formal reception area with some guest rooms stemming off a long hallway.   So checked out the rooms one by one, but there was nothing much inside except for mattress's, empty Sake bottles and a few tables lying around.  I decided to check out the other side of the upstairs area and found a large conference room.   I wanted to check out the kitchen, so waded through some broken plates and glasses and took a peak but it was dark so I couldn't see much.

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